Individual Donors

As of March 16, 2024

We want to recognize and thank all our individual monument donors. We are proud that 97% of our donors are individuals. By Divers for Divers

Bryce Merrill

Rusty Wright

In the memory of Jerry Ard

Mike Fink

Walt Easley


Rusty Wright in Memory of Margaret Merrill

Bryce Merrill

Jim McClaugherty

Joe Walker

Mike Chiconsky

Dean Kinkel


Allen Dyson

Frank Hazen

Scott Miller


Randy Cudd in memory of Brad Declerk


Elvia Chauvin

Les Joiner in Memory of Jack Reedy


Bruce Gilman

Sanford family in Memory of Joe Sanford, Sr.

Allen Dyson

Chris Christensen in Memory of Ted Hess

Les Joiner in Memory of Fred Achley

Neal Hainlin-Mitten

Gary Smith Giving thanks to all who went before making diving safer.

Michael Barron

TK Billingsley

Drew Trent In Memory of David Dixon

Mike Hughes

Robert Shannon

Roger W. Smith in Memory of Jim Sugrue and Jude Herpin

Jack Vilas III

Timothy Gallagher

Sonny Freeman

Steve Struble


Frank Hazen



Jim McClaugherty

Ralph Tucker In Honor of Continental Divers





Mike Towler

Corey Sexton and I'm very proud to donate to such a great cause. Diving will always be in my blood and I will always be proud to be a diver. Thank you!

Raymond Wicklund

George Yax



David Holt

Joe Farah


John Hocutt In Memory of Tony Gage & Jude Herpin

George Hunt

Frank Connors

Christie Britt in Loving Memory of Sandy Wright

Bryce Merrill in Loving Memory of Sandy Wright

Jerry and Sharon Bailey in Loving Memory of Sandy Wright

Mark Diebold

Doug and Michelle Graupmann, giving thanks to all and in memory of Sandy Wright

Jason Mitchell

Randy Cudd in Honor of Gene Miller

Bruce Gilman


Karl Allen

Margaret Metcalf



Michael Vanetten

Bruce Gallinger

Tom Sedar

David Krause

Randy Cudd in Honor of Dale Fackler

In Loving Memory of Norman Knudsen

Tom Halligan

In Loving Memory of Sandy Wright

Robert Cannon on behalf of Rusty Wright

Randy Cudd

Wendy Smith In Memory of Sandy Wright and in honor of Rusty Wright! Beautiful people! And to the hard working divers - we thank you!!!


Charlie Wells

In Loving Memory of Sandy Wright

Alan Sanders

James & Jill Mount in Loving Memory of Sandy Wright


Thielst Family Trust

Tiffany & Bryan Flemming in Loving Memory of Sandy Wright

Brad Boerner

Gary Smith


Bob Suggs

Gary Smith

Thomas Armstrong




Dawn Staten

Richard Smith

Terrence Rogers

John Thielst

David B Smith

David Smith

Anonymous In Loving Memory of Sandy Wright

Paul & Ruth Ehresman - In the Memory of Sandy Wright

Robert Woosley


In The Memory of Randy Thompson

In The Memory of Riley Smith

Rick Lee


Diane Austin in recognition of oilfield divers everywhere.



In Memory of Thomas E. McGinnis

John Bidmead

Travis Detke



Rusty Wright in Loving Memory of Sandy Wright

Sue Rubey


Ray Schwartz In Memory of Sea-Con Diver Duane "Chico" Canale



J.C. Spangler in Memory of Jay Shapcotte

Jean Thomas Clark Thanks to the pioneers of the industry.

Mike Fink


Josef Tillmanns

Mark Wieneke


Carrie Carnright, In Loving Memory of Dennis Carnright

Cheryl Bourgeois Johnson, in loving Memory of Roland Leo Bourgeois, Jr

Earl Liew In Memory of Art Noble and Dennis Strickland

Jim Mermis

Rick & Jamie Rowen in loving Memory of Mary's Hideaway Lounge

Steven Brinkley


Denny & Sylvia Swartz

Tom Karnuta

Chris Prunty To all who paved the way!

Roger Tillman



Gary Kane



Jay Gauthier


Mac Kennedy

Armando Gonzalez




Kristin, Josh & Karen in Loving Memory of Jeff Duay

Paula & Reginald Drye in memory of Marc Begnaud



Dana Beebe in Memory of "Butch" Basinski

John D Smith



Joe Farah

David Terry

Charlie & Jackie Rowen

Paul Carmody


Pat Bowman

Steven Brinkley



Tom Wright



Ed Thomas

James & Jill Mount in Loving Memory of Sherri Wright

Max Pearcy

Don Barthelmess in Memory of Andre Galerne

Gene Lo Conte

In memory of Kevin Sass

Donna Parr in Memory of Jeff Duay

Paul Guiver - Wishing you all the very best in a successful completion. Looking forward to seeing the monument in 2023. Well done to all involved - BZ! Best wishes from The Brits @ Monument Projects Ltd

Bing Strassburg - To all that came before and those that will be there later



Jim McClaugherty

Neal Hainlin-Mitten

Ken & Marilyn Theriot

Craig Ring

Eli Geminder

Tim Rompel

Wade Abdie to All the Brave Men and Women that improved the Safety of The Offshore Diving Industry.

Steve Struble



Mark Van Emmerik



Karl Witherow



JoAnn Eubank In Memory of Chip Eubank

Karen Smith in Loving Memory of Jeff Duay

Gary Gibbs

Charlie Huff

Lani Tarr

Larry Bragg


Nancy Summers

Brooks LeBlanc in memory of Ben Wells

Tanner Bourg in memory of Ben Wells

Randy Cudd in Memory of Russell Guidroz

Randy Cudd in Memory of Steve Quinn

Randy Hebert

Robert Gruy

Dominique Vidrine

Barrie Miller

John Wood in memory of Don "Peanut" Holland

David Barrow

Matt Booth

Jerald & Sharon Lowrimore

Howie Thompson

Robert O'Dea

Charles Stricker

Randy Cudd in the memory of Joe Farah

Sonny Freeman in the memory of Joe Farah

Bill Farah

Anonymous for Blue Savoie

Anonymous for Bob Dunbar

Anonymous for Bob Mock

Anonymous for Bob Schmidt

Anonymous for Bobby Lee Clark

Anonymous for Buddy Ayers

Anonymous for Buddy Rogers

Anonymous for Carl Bock

Anonymous for Chuck Gates

Anonymous for Dick Evans, Professional Divers

Anonymous for Frederick Lawrence "Larry" Tomlinson, Professional Divers of N.O.

Anonymous for George "Smash" Saunders

Anonymous for George Condiff

Anonymous for Gerald Vincent

Anonymous for Jack Smith, S & H Subwater Salvage

Anonymous for Jerry Neff

Anonymous for Jim Burgess

Anonymous for Joe "Seldom Seen" Vidrine

Anonymous for Joe Savoie

Anonymous for John Gray

Anonymous for John Haynie

Anonymous for Johnny Murphy

Anonymous for Kerry Gilbreath

Anonymous for Larry Byrd

Anonymous for Lawrence Troy Tomlinson

Anonymous for Lee Ingersoll

Anonymous for Lil's Elbow Room

Anonymous for Lyle Stockstill

Anonymous for Mark "Bear" Wallace

Anonymous for Neil Evans

Anonymous for P. G. Stockstill

Anonymous for Pat Savoie

Anonymous for Robert Neff

Anonymous for Stan Diket

Anonymous for Tonie Savoie Granger

Anonymous for Tony Crawford

Anonymous for Woody Cowart

Anonymous In Memory of Butch Mabes

Anonymous In Memory of Mike Lehman

Benny York

Creighton Burnett

Earl Liew In Remembrance of Bob Small, Always A True Friend and The Finest Tender God Ever Gave a Diver


Jerry Cobb

Joe Cain

Hayley Feindel

Mark Trimmer

Bob Leger

Kevin Erickson

Charlie & Brenda Youngblood

Steve White

Jim Kober

Jeff Wilson

Curt & Mary Cyr

Tim Czapranski for Jim O'Connell

Tim Czapranski in memory of Ben Wells

Tim Czapranski in memory of Duaine "Chico" Canale

David Rosenberg

In honor of Mike Garrett

In the memory of Tim O'Connor

Howard Wall

David Bull

In honor of George Williams

Todd Baldridge

Wild Tom Biernatzki

Michael & Christine Farah Family Foundation In the memory of Joseph L. Farah, Jr.

Michael Ambrose

Patricc Prentiss Godspeed through God's Love. Blessed is a Commercial Diver. Thank you, Virgil, for supporting this!

Aaron Ott

Jennifer Hinkle in memory of Ted Hess

Thomas Halligan In Memory of: Gerald (Wayne) Mears

Thomas Halligan In Memory of: Paul (Shorty) Vaughn

Thomas Halligan In Memory of: Terry Overland

Larry Bourg

Robert Newman

Tim Gallagher in Memory of Lanny Falgout

Timothy Gallagher

In loving memoriam of Steve Guinn - Sat Diver

Mona Guidroz-Guinn in loving memory - Russell Guidroz (Continental Diving / Shop & Crew Supervisor)

Whitney Wells In memory of Ben Wells

David Archer

In memory of Joe Stubbs

In memory of Martel "Crip" Stevens

In memory of Michel Lecler

In memory of Paul Tedder

Dennis Floyd to commemorate those divers, past and present, who make-up "The Brotherhood of the Oilfield Diver".

In the memory of Donald "Peanut" Holland, and to commemorate those divers, past and present, who made-up "The Brotherhood of the Oilfield Diver".

Sonny Freeman In memory of Dave Brower

John Jenco

Greg Rohr

Ray Spillers

Doug Yates

Dwayne Roy

Dwayne Roy and Dylan Roy, In Memory of Horace Pierre LeBoeuf Jr.

Jose Vindeola III

Naked Bob

Nicholas Babbitt

Tom Holmes in memory of Bob Holmes

John Westfield

Karl & Barry Witherow in the memory of David Witherow

Don Whitecotton

In Memory of J.C. "Skinny" Brown

In Memory of Jay Brown

Mike Hughes in Memory of William (Bill) Rowe Cook, Jr.

Kim Ware

Russ Altman

In Memory of Al Mikalow

In Memory of Don Byrd

In memory of Ricardo Chamberlin

Ryan Shawhan

Christine Guidroz In Loving Memory of Russell & Connie Guidroz

Danny Felterman

James Fintch In Memory of Terrence Linston

Julana Senette

Leslie Leaney

Norb Gorman In Memory of Jay Schapcotte

Jerry Gaddis

Patricia Branch

Joe Adydan In memory of Jerry Gauthier and Roy Jewett

Joseph Adydan

Mike & Kathy Hobbs in memory of Rosco and Matt Bauer

Rick Henley Jr.

Ron Duhame

Tom Bailey

Nicholas Hess

Phil Goben

Betty Smith

Elia Mears in memory of Wayne Mears

Eric Hofsommer

In Honor of Dr. Ann Bull: Dove 1992 OII Platform Removal to document the fish population in support of the Rigs-to-Reefs Program.

Martha Gauthier

Mike Middelton/Sandra Gaspard

Charles & Sherry Sandstrom

In memory of Paul Tedder

Viola Hoetling


Virgil Allen

Mike & Joye Oldag

In the memory of Chris Browns

In the memory of Dave Newman

In the memory of Nick Zinkowski

In the memory of Rod Cruz